Meet The Team

Jamie TuttleMy name is Jamie Tuttle and I am the School Recycling Coordinator for the Oneida-Herkimer Solid Waste Authority. I am dedicated to working with the schools in Oneida and Herkimer Counties to help develop, support and maintain recycling programs in each school through a Go Green initiative. Our program offers many resources and materials for your school in regard to reducing, reusing, recycling and composting! Click here to view the School Recycling Program Guide. On this website, you will find information about how to become more environmentally aware, how to start your own Green Team at your school, and also get to see what other schools in our region are doing to help the environment!

Across Oneida and Herkimer Counties, students, teachers, custodians, parents and school faculty are doing their part to help the recycling effort! Making sure to recycle appropriate items and use reduce and reuse tips each week are part of being on the Green Team! If you are a member of our Green Team or would like to join the Team, sign up below!

Below are members of our Green Team from throughout our region!

Go Green! Join the team!

Jennifer Zuroweste - Teacher at Sauquoit Valley Middle School

Beth Thomas - Teacher at Sauquoit Valley Elementary School

Eileen Bates - Teacher at Holland Patent Elementary School

Holland Patent Elementary Third Grade Students

Tanya Davis - Parent at Staley Upper Elementary School

Henry Zucker - Librarian at Ridge Mills Elementary School

Cynthia Killian - NYS School for the Deaf

Sarah Noonan - Teacher at Gansevoort Elementary School

Jessica Woolheater - Utica GEAR UP (JFK Middle School)

Linda Tettamant - Utica GEAR UP (JFK Middle School)

Pat Mangino - Utica GEAR UP (Donovan Middle School)

Erin Huggins - Teacher at Harts Hill Elementary School

Craig Ferretti - Principal at McConnellsville Elementary School