Reduce & Reuse Tips

  1. Carry canvas or mesh shopping bags and reduce the the use of plastic. Plastic never fully decomposes.
  2. Buy beverages in refillable or returnable containers.
  3. Recycle your milk cartons and juice boxes at lunchtime and all the time!
  4. Buy goods that are not over-packaged. Some goods can be purchased in bulk quantities.
  5. Choose products in containers that are accepted in our recycling program.
  6. Pack your lunch with reusable containers or aluminum foil rather than plastic sandwich bags. Plastic bags cannot be recycled.
  7. Choose durable household goods rather than disposables, such as using silverware instead of plastic ware.
  8. Donate items in good condition to good will, such as furniture and clothing.
  9. Reuse books by sharing them with others or donating them.
  10. Grow your own organic food and save money by planting a garden. You won't find fresher or cheaper eating anywhere.
  11. Encourage your school district to use recycled paper in their publications.
  12. Instead of buying bottled water, wash the bottles and refill.
  13. Recycle old cell phones, iPods, video game consoles and other electronics.
  14. Reuse Sunday comics and old road maps for wrapping gifts or covering text books.
  15. Reuse large pieces of wrapping paper, bows and ribbons, and gift bags.
  16. Make gift tags by cutting out the pictures from old greeting cards.
  17. Reuse paper clips and rubber bands.
  18. Use the blank side of sheets of paper as scrap paper and grocery lists.
  19. Save cardboard backing from note pads for craft projects, or as protection when mailing pictures.
  20. Learn how to compost! Composting at home and at school can be easy, fun and helps reduce the waste we produce!